Frequently Asked Questions

Braille Signs are required in all new or refurbished public buildings requiring a building permit as part of the Disability Discrimination Act. The basic requirements for Braille Signage are set out in the Australian Standards 

1428 – Design for Access & mobility

1428.1 Part 1 – General Requirements for Access in New Building Works

1428.2 Part 2 – Building & Facilities Enhanced & Additional Requirements

1428.3 Part 3 – Requirements for Children & Adolescents with Physical Disabilities

1428.5 Part 5 – Communication for People who are Deaf or Hearing Impaired

1428.4.1 Part 4.1 – Wayfinding for the Vision Impaired 

The Australian Building Codes Board also set out specifications for design & installation of Braille Tactile signs in NCC D3.6. 

The requirements for Braille Signs set out by both Standards Australia & the Australian Building Codes can be a heavy read, our team at Braille Sign Supplies will be happy to assist you with any concerns you might have interpreting these standards.

We recommend cleaning our Braille Signs regularly once installed with a mild cleaning product - Spray & Wipe or similar products will be suitable, this will maximise the life of the signs. With end users regularly touching our Braille Signs we also recommend wiping the signs over with disinfectant wipes to reduce any bacteria that might be found on the sign
With orders placed through our website we would normally express post the order, except with larger orders where we may choose to use an overnight freight company. Regardless of which transport method we choose, this has a flat rate cost of $16.50, anywhere in Australia for web orders.
With the current revision to the building codes, it is a requirement that all Braille signage for accessible toilets indicate if the toilet is a left hand dismount (Toilet LH) or a right hand dismount (Toilet RH) for the wheelchair bound user. We have an image on our installation page that best explains how to determine if the toilet is LH - Left hand Dismount or if it is RH - Right hand dismount, click here to view
The short answer is No, we feel that the production process for 3d printed signs is flawed & 3d printed Braille Signs only suitable for short term applications.   A more detailed response can be view here

All our prices are wholesale prices, but we do further discount our prices for bulk orders over 30 signs. Feel free to contact us for more infomation regarding bulk order discounts.

BrailleFace is a continuous faced metal Braille Sign, developed & Patented exclusively by Braille Sign Supplies. Each BrailleFace Braille Sign is formed from a single piece of metal, with no parts fixed to the sign in any way, creating outstanding durability & hygiene properties.
The Applique method of producing Braille Signs has been around for a long time, it was the first method of production Braille Sign Supplies embraced many years ago. With the Applique method the raised text & graphics are machined in position on the panel & precise holes are drilled with small balls inserted to create each Braille Dome.   Example of a Stainless Steel Braille Sign produced using the applique method

If you order your Braille signs before 3pm EST, we can generally post the Braille Signs out the same day. If you are in the Australia Post Next Day network (Which most of Australia is) you can expect to receive your Braille Sign order the following working day. If we do not have any of the signs in stock that you require, this may add an additional 1-3 days to the delivery time while we produce the order. If your order is time sensitive, feel free to contact us & we can discuss ways of ensuring the order reaches you in time.