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The most common Braille Sign FAQ
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Every Thing You Wanted To Know About Braille Signs But Were Too Afraid To Ask…

Confused about LH & RH on Braille Signs?
The LH & RH found on Braille signs is only used on accessible amenities & refers to Left Hand Transfer & Right Hand Transfer of the accessible user. The easiest way to work out if the toilet is LH or RH is to visualize sitting on the toilet, if the grab rail is on your left it is LH & if it is on your right it is RH.


Compliant installation of Braille Signs
When installing a Braille Sign you need to position the Braille Sign on the wall next to the door handle, with the leading edge positioned between 50mm & 300mm from the door frame. The height of the Braille text needs to be between 1250mm & 1350mm from the floor. If placing the Braille Sign on the wall is not an option, ie. there is not enough wall space or something is already mounted on the wall in that position, the Braille sign can be centred on the door with the Braille positioned between 1250mm & 1350mm from the floor.


Compliant Design
We receive a high number of designs that need to be produced that do not comply with current standards, there are many things that need to be considered when producing a compliant Braille Sign, some of of the most common issues we see are:

  • Text, Symbols & Braille must be raised
  • Text needs to be descriptive of the facility
  • Text needs to be produced in sentence case (eg. Female Toilet)
  • The minimum text size for signs on sanitary facilities is 20mm
  • Braille text needs to be fully descriptive of the visual information displayed on the sign

We are more than happy to look over any designs or discuss any concerns you might have regarding Braille Signs.

To save any headaches we offer a large range of compliant signs, in a number of colors & materials, visit our online store at
With custom projects email your requirements to or call us on
1300 302 655 to discuss your ideas .
We will look forward to working with you. Whatever your Braille / Tactile needs, we have a Braille signage solution.