Raw BrailleFace Braille Signs
Anodised Aluminium BrailleFace Braille Sign

What is BrailleFace?

BrailleFace is a Patented production process for Braille Signs, developed exclusively by Braille Sign Supplies. BrailleFace Braille Signs are formed from a single piece of metal material using immense force and custom tools. The result is crisp raised compliant Text, Graphics and Braille, formed from a single piece of metal. We can customise finishes in an almost limitless selection of 2pac colours, and can also utilise anodised or electro-plated finishes. We have an extensive range of BrailleFace signs in stock to choose from, as well as the ability to produce custom designed Braille signs at our local production facility, with locally sourced materials.

Benefits of BrailleFace Braille Signs

  1. BrailleFace creates true continuous-faced Metal Braille Signs, with no parts fixed to the surface of the Braille Sign in any way, providing unsurpassed durability.
  2. BrailleFace Braille Signs cannot be defaced by raised components being forcibly removed. No more Braille bead drop-outs. Ideal for any site where vandal resistant products need to be considered.
  3. BrailleFace Braille Signs have outstanding hygiene properties due to its continuous face, signs can easily be cleaned, as there are no joins for germs and bacteria to hide in. This makes BrailleFace Braille Signs perfectly suited for the health sector, as well as any high-volume traffic areas.
  4. Being all Metal, BrailleFace Braille Signs are non-combustible, ideal for meeting fire ratings.
  5. With the continuous faced Braille signs formed from a single piece of material, there are no engraved parts and therefore no sharp edges, creating a better experience for the user.
  6. Made in house, BrailleFace Braille Signs can be tailored to suit your next project. All 100% Australian owned and manufactured. Contact us to find out how we can help.
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