LRV Calculator

Luminance Reflectance Value Calculator

As set out in the Australian Standards 1428, It is a requirement that all Braille Signs achieve a minimum 30% contrast to the background they are mounted on.

We have had all our signs externally tested in controlled conditions to determine Luminance Reflectance Values (LRV) to ensure our customers have all the information required to ensure compliance is met.

To Use Our LRV Calculator

First enter the Luminance Reflectance Value (LRV) of the sign you will be installing into our Calculator along with the Luminance Reflectance Value (LRV) of the substrate the sign will be installed on. The calculator will let you know if the minimum 30% is Achieved. Our LRV scores for each sign type can be found in the header description of each product categories or in each individual product description. Most Paint Suppliers will also supply LRV scores for their products, this can normally be found on their web site.

Luminance Contrast



Colours are suitable for building elements that require 30% contrast.


Colours are not suitable for building elements that require 30% contrast.

What is Luminance Reflectance Value (LRV)?

Luminance Contrast Value is a measurement of how light is reflected from a surface, in our case it is the background of a Braille sign & then compared with the LRV of the area the sign will be installed on. A formula is then used to calculate if the minimum 30% contrast is achieved. We also use LRV when designing our Braille signs to ensure the graphics on a Braille Sign achieve a minimum 30% to the substrate we produce the Braille Sign on, as set out in Australian Standards 1428. This is taken care of by us in the design stage & not something our customers need to be concerned with when purchasing Braille Signs from our catalogue range.



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