BrailleFace Information


BrailleFace is a Patented production process for Braille Signs, developed exclusively by Braille Sign Supplies.

BrailleFace Signs are formed from a single piece of metal material using immense force and custom tools. The result is a crisp and compliant Braille sign with raised Text, Graphics and Braille. We can customise finishes in an almost limitless selection of 2pac colours, and can also utilise anodised or electro-plated finishes.

We have an extensive range of BrailleFace signs from our catalogue for you to choose from, as well as the ability to produce custom designed Braille signs at our local production facility, with locally sourced materials.

Watch the video below for a more in-depth explanation on what BrailleFace is and why you should consider choosing this production method.


BrailleFace is an innovative and Patented manufacturing Braille Sign available exclusively from Braille Sign Supplies.

Manufactured onsite in Torquay, Victoria from Australian sourced materials. BrailleFace is an uniquely Australian Made product. Produced from a single piece of metal, BrailleFace is available in Anodised Aluminium, 2pac Aluminium and Stainless Steel.

Benefits of BrailleFace Signage:

  • Formed from a single piece of metal
  • A continuous faced braille sign with no fixed parts pressed in Aluminium or Stainless Steel
  • No risk of symbols, letters or braille adhesion failure
  • Long wearing, durable and vandal resistant
  • Easy to clean providing excellent hygienic properties
  • Fitted with VHB double sided tape ready for self-installation
  • Compliant to Building Code of Australia Section D3.6
  • Compliant to AS1428.1 Access and Mobility standards
  • Available in natural Anodised Aluminium, Satin Brass finish, Satin Bronze finish, Stainless Steel and a variety of 2pac colours
  • BrailleFace is also available in a variety of Designer colours and finishes to fit with all interiors

Guidance on how to install Braille Signs to ensure it meets compliance can be found in our installation instructions by clicking the button below.