Installation Guide


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This is the preferred position for Braille Signage. Position the leading edge of the Braille Sign between 50mm & 300mm from the architrave on the door handle side of the door. The Braille must be positioned between 1250mm & 1350mm from the floor surface


The sign is to be centered on the door when option 1 is not possible. The Braille must be positioned between 1250mm & 1350mm from the floor surface.


Before applying Braille Signage to any surface, the area must be thoroughly cleaned using an appropriate degreaser. We recommend you use acetone & a clean rag to clean the surface you wish to apply the Braille Signage to. Be sure not to use any oil based solvents, as this will affect the adhesion of the sign to the surface.

All of our Acrylic and Aluminium signs come supplied with Biolink – 4412HT tape while our Stainless Steel signs come supplied with 1000R double sided tape. These are high quality double sided tapes, but it is the responsibility of the installer to decide if the double sided tape is suitable for the surface the signs are intended to be installed on. Double Sided tape is Pressure Sensitive & must be pressed firmly onto the surface it is applied to achieve maximum adhesion.

If it is decided that double sided tape is not suitable, we can supply the signs free of double sided tape and the signs can then be applied by other means by the installer.


Do not place obstructions in front of braille signage.

Do not place braille signage above the door architrave, this happens more than you would think!

Do not place braille signage on the opposite side of the door handle. This can be ignored if installing signage centered on door.

Do not screw braille signage to substrate as this will result in signs no longer meeting compliance regulations.