Applique Information


The Applique production process where the raised text & graphics are machined in position on the substrate panel. If the substrate is 3mm thick or greater, precise holes are drilled with small balls inserted to create each Braille Dome.

This production method, primarily used for metal signage and allows for greater customisation than our BrailleFace signs, however these signs are not as durable as BrailleFace signs as the text and figures are only adhered to the surface of the sign as opposed to stamped into the metal itself.

It is also possible to mix and match the production methods ie. using our 1.6mm aluminium as the substrate where we can punch the braille but then use the Applique method to use custom text and/or graphics.

Feel free to contact us directly to discuss what Braille Signage option is right for your next project.


Applique method is the alternative manufacturing method for custom signage. With the ability to create Braille Signage with a variety of font options and colours, Applique manufacturing caters for all architecturally designed interiors.

Available in several colours and customisable with almost all printable colours, it is possible to create Braille signage that is unique and within your design brief.

Applique method can be applied to a variety of substrates including aluminium, stainless steel,  acrylic, brass, timber and much more. Talk to our Team to find out if this is suitable for your next project.