All Braille Signage needs to conform to various parameters to meet compliance regulations. Some of the requirements include the size of text and figures, colour contrast, sign placement and more.

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Working out the required braille sign can be confusing, however Braille Sign Supplies is the expert in Braille Signage and our Team will provide you with assistance to work out the correct braille sign for your project.

Our attached guide explains the difference between LH and RH transfer for accessible toilets along with a clear explanation on Ambulant toilets.

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We have a wide range of manufacturing methods for you to choose from when ordering Braille Signage. These include our Exclusive BrailleForm, Patented BrailleFace Methods and more!

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LRV Calculator

Use this to check your contrast percentage

Our LRV Calculator makes it easy for you to check if your chosen custom colours will meet the required 30% contrast needed to meet Braille Signage Compliance Regulations.


Airlock Braille Signage is used to indicate where a toilet block shares an entryway via the airlock. Airlock Braille signage normally has a divider line between the symbols to indicated the various toilets located within the space. Additional signs with more information will also be required for the doors to the individual toilets ie. Male Toilets & Female Toilets etc.

For example: Access to the toilet area may have a sign indicating that there is Male, Female, Ambulant and Accessible Toilet facilities available. This sign will display the relevant symbols and text Toilets. Upon entering the facility space there will be additional toilet signage to indicated which door provides each facility. For futher examples, view the PDF below.

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Cleaning of our Braille signage should be as per the attached cleaning guide. Harsh chemicals or abrasive substances should not be used on our signage.

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3D Printed Braille Signs

Here at Braille Sign Supplies, we are constantly reviewing the market and the ability for 3D printers to produce quality printed Braille Signage. Whilst we continue our research we would not recommend 3D printing of braille signage for Australian conditions. Due to the extreme conditions of our climate the ability for ink to be durable and long lasting has not been achieved in the printing marketplace.

At Braille Sign Supplies we aim to deliver robust and long-lasting Braille Signage. We will let you know as soon as we find a suitable, sustainable and durable product to provide 3D printed signs.


With so many braille signs to choose from it can be a difficult choice to make.

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All Braille Sign Supplies signs come complete with a 12 month warranty.

Braille Sign Supplies will replace any defective sign that has been confirmed as being produced from faulty materials or constructed with poor workmanship for a period of up to 1 year.

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