Stainless Steel – BrailleFace

BrailleFace Stainless Steel Braille Signs

Innovation in Braille manufacturing technology awarded Australian Patent

Our Metal Braille Signs have always been produced using the traditional Applique method, where beads are inserted into tiny drilled holes to form the raised Braille domes, with text and graphics adhered to the substrate to form the Tactile component of the signs. Not only is this method very labour intensive, we felt it may be problematic, with the possibility of Braille beads falling out over time, or the Braille and Tactile components being easily vandalised. Whilst this is the industry’s traditional standard, we have spent years looking for a better alternative.

After many years of research and development, we are very proud to release our new production process which overcomes our concerns with the Applique method. Designed, researched and tested here in Torquay Australia, BrailleFace is a continuous-faced Braille Sign, formed from a single piece of Stainless Steel, creating a true one-piece continuous-faced Braille Sign. The BrailleFace production method has received an Australian Patent for its innovative technology, and not only are we the first in Australia to be manufacturing Braille signs this way, but the first in the world.

The BrailleFace production process excels in durability, making it impossible to forcibly remove the Braille or Tactile components of a Braille Sign. Being continuous-faced, the BrailleFace production method produces Braille signs with excellent hygiene properties, as there are no joins or engraved components on the surface of the sign to harbour viruses or bacteria. The Braille Signs can be thoroughly cleaned or sterilised, making these signs ideal for the health care sector, public transport and other high traffic spaces. With the signs being made entirely from stainless steel, they are also non-combustible, making BrailleFace signs ideal for situations where Fire Ratings must be considered. They are also a smoother and safer sign for the end user to touch.


BrailleFace signs are manufactured onsite at our local premises, with 100% of materials sourced from local suppliers. We have a large range of stock signs available, as well as the ability to produce custom designed work to match your aesthetic requirements.